Ask Yo' Mama (CD)

Ask Yo' Mama (CD)


The number one party album of our times!!!


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"Ask Yo' Mama" is the debut album by The GroovaLottos that received 4 Grammy nominations in the Pop & R&B categories. Heralded as an unapologetic throwback to the soul and funk of the 1970's, this album has been gaining fans across the musical spectrum.

"My generation  danced, played spades and bid whist and did a little belly rubbing off music that sounded just like this, and the highest praise for this album of new songs is that it kind of makes you want to do those same old things."
- Howard Dukes,

"The GroovaLottos’s debut album is called Ask Yo’ Mama, and the music, lyrics, and their humor between the music has as much attitude and spunk as that title... The GroovaLottos’s should certainly be getting some air play for these funky, jazzy compositions."
- Bill Copeland, Bill Copeland Music News